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“This new technology is a game changer for all of policing and helps our City of London officers to catch criminals who would previously have gone unidentified, we can now use CCTV and imagery more quickly and more effectively to identify and pursue crime suspects and bring them to justice.”

(DCI Pete Digby of the City of London Intelligence and Information Directorate, April 2016)


'By using the unique combination of the FILM system and super recogniser unit, the Metropolitan Police has industrialised the catching of criminals caught on camera. FILM allows the super recognisers to quickly search images of unidentified criminals and in this case a network of prolific thieves was identified and brought to justice. In pre-FILM times, these offenders would have been prosecuted for individual offences, but now the true nature of their criminal activity can be put before the court.'

(DCI Neville, Head of Central Forensic Imaging, Metropolitan Police Service, New Scotland Yard, April 2016)


“The 3rd Forensic FILM solution enables the management of images of suspects in a systematic, automation-assisted process similar to fingerprinting and DNA.  We’re very proud that after recognition by the UK Home Office with Security Innovation Awards in 2013 and 2016, FILM has now been chosen for regular service by the City of London Police. With the UK facing an increasing threat from organised crime groups and potential terrorist attack, we are proud to be supporting policing in the UK with the undoubted benefits FILM delivers.”

(Welcoming the City’s decision to adopt FILM as a long-term crime-fighting solution, 3rd Forensic Divisional Director for Law Enforcement and National Security, Jim McBrierty, April 2016)


The 3rd Forensic team has produced an advanced FILM solution that makes an even bigger difference to the Law Enforcement Community and we’re very proud to have the achievement recognised in this way

3rd Forensic Chairman, David McIntosh at UK Home Office Security Innovation Awards 2016 )


'By combining policing skills, the scientifically proven ability of Super Recognisers and FILM’s core database technology, we have a truly innovative and powerful weapon.' 

(Detective Sergeant Eliot Porritt, Financial Times article February 2016)


"FILM remains the keystone in Scotland Yard's methods of identifying and managing images of suspects, who have been captured on CCTV or other recording media.  With 30,000 images now on FILM we are linking more and more persistent offenders to several associated crimes by metadata - ensuring that criminals receive longer sentences - making communities safer.

(DCI Neville, Head of Central Forensic Imaging, Metropolitan Police Service, New Scotland Yard, September 2014)


"3rd Forensic's FILM system is a key part of our criminal investigation tool-kit. It’s the keystone of our image circulation unit and has helped us to identify many hundreds of criminals and ensure that they were brought to justice." 

(DCI Neville, Head of Central Forensic Imaging, Metropolitan Police Service, New Scotland Yard January 2014)


"The FILM database enabled as to capture, process and link thousands of images that helped provide the intelligence to caution, arrest and convict 3,145 suspects. Without it – we could not have dealt with the sheer volume of images."  

(Detective Chief Supt William Lyle, who headed the investigation into Operation Withern told an audience of UK police at the Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire conference on Ocober the 8th 2013)


"FILM makes an enormous difference” he says. “It enables us to link and manage images in the same way as fingerprints and DNA. It means we can identify and prosecute far more violent and persistent criminals from CCTV & other images than ever before. It’s a major benefit." 

 (Detective Chief Inspector Michael Neville, in e-mailed commendation March the 21st, 2013)


“significant impact on crime prevention, uniqueness in the market and excellent value for money” 

(Judges’ Verdict - UK Home Office Security Innovation Awards 2013)

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