Forensic Image Linking & Management

FILM is a comprehensive database solution for exploiting images in the service of Law Enforcement.  In combatting crime and disorder, images collected by CCTV surveillance offer a significant opportunity for enhanced effectiveness, but prior to the introduction of 3rd Forensic's FILM solution, effective use was not always made of them in crime investigations, suspect identification and criminal prosecutions.

Now, with FILM, images of offenders and suspects can be quickly and efficiently stored, labelled, searched, retrieved and cross-linked – whether captured from CCTV, body-worn cameras, mobile phones, social media, booking rooms or other sources - achieving law enforcement advantages that CCTV has long promised but never before fully delivered.

FILM allows users to extract maximum value from crime scene images and data - visual, audio and other.  Data entry and search are organised in such a way as to help optimise accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness in the handling of each case.  Automation-assisted FILM functionalities include:

  • Active inter-action with Case & Crime data, Custody Suites and other key systems, including Niche system solutions and Northgate’s Athena;
  • Incorporation of automatic facial biometrics, from Cognitec, NEC and others;
  • Data/image/case searching & cross-linking with inter-force cross linking where required;
  • Publication of 'Wanted' posters – with tailored versions for internal, Court and public use;
  • Management reporting and system analytics.

Developed in close collaboration with the London Metropolitan Police Service, FILM has a three year track record of success as a vital part of image and crime case management throughout London.  The Met report that FILM has achieved a dramatic drop in the number of unidentified offenders and a four-fold increase in the contribution to crime clear-up made by image evidence.  Detective Chief Inspector Michael Neville, Head of Central Forensic Imaging at New Scotland Yard reports that:

"3rd Forensic's FILM system is a key part of our criminal investigation tool-kit. It’s the keystone of our image circulation unit and has helped us to identify many hundreds of criminals and ensure that they were brought to justice." (DCI Neville January 2014)

FILM was chosen from a strong field in the UK Home Office Security Innovation Awards 2013 –“Recognition for making this a safer world”.  Summing up, the independent panel of judges highlighted FILM’s “... significant impact on crime prevention, its uniqueness...and excellent value for money.”

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