Off-The-Shelf Solutions

3rd Forensic Commercial Off-The-Shelf solutions (COTS) offer a selection of purpose-built software products and modules that enable quick automation and integration for our customers.  These “plug and play” solutions offer the simplest way to achieve results quickly and inexpensively, wherever tight budgetary and time constraints apply.

Kept up-to-date and subject to the 3rd Forensic Continuous Improvement Programme, our COTS solutions are available anywhere in the World, affording customer organisations and their employees the ability to work smarter and more efficiently, within the scope of a package designed and proven to deliver.

The standard range of 3rd Forensic products includes provision for 

  • Forensic Image Linking and Management
  • Automatic Face recognition
  • Video Analytics (Brand, Logo, Pattern and Shape Recognition)
  • Central Image/Video repository
  • Data Sharing
  • Publishing

However, our range is in constant development, so if you are interested in another functionality, please contact us  It may be in our catalogue already or we may be working on including it. Alternatively, it may be appropriate for us to provide it to you as a Bespoke Solution.

Either way, we’d love to hear from you.

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